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Systems SonixTouch

Systems SonixTouch

Ultrasound is being used in more areas of patient care than ever before. So we’re on a mission to make our ultrasound systems easier to use. Whether you’re an experienced user with years of ultrasound training or a novice user with basic knowledge, you’ll see the results you need using SonixTouch.

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  • Anesthesia
  • OB/GYN
  • EMED
  • Pharma
  • Research
  • MSK

Touch screen ultrasound technology lets you choose

SonixTouch features a large, 10.4″ color touch screen with a wide viewing angle. Unlike traditional ultrasound machines, which have buttons and knobs for all possible procedures on display, the SonixTouch interface only displays the controls relevant to the procedure at hand. Select a factory preset for a particular type of exam or create one of your own. The system’s touch screen makes it easy to further customize what you see on screen based on your preferences. We’ll show you how.

Ideal for guiding interventional procedures

Thanks to its large monitor and premium image quality, SonixTouch makes it easy to see the needle in tissue during injections, biopsies, aspiration and other interventional procedures. It’s also simple to customize the interface so you can focus on the patient and the procedure, instead of the ultrasound system.

Stay current and protect your investment

Are you afraid your expensive ultrasound system will be old technology as soon as you buy it? Built on an open software platform that can connect to the Internet, SonixTouch systems are easily updated or upgraded to stay current with new technology and new features. Unlike traditional systems with fixed functionality, in just a few minutes, your old system can be new again with help from our remote support team.

Internet connectivity for remote support and more

Since Ultrasonix systems can be connected to the Internet, you’ll benefit from easy software updates and remote diagnostics and support in case you run into technical issues. With Internet access, you’ll also be able to connect to online databases for easy billing management and to share image files with authorized colleagues who are outside your immediate work environment.

Only buy what you need when you need it

SonixTouch can be made to order by adding optional advanced imaging modes and features including Spatial Compound, 3D/4D, Panoramic and Elastography. Options may be added remotely through online updates, even after the system has been delivered.

General Features

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Connectivity options facilitate sharing

SonixTouch supports multiple data ports including USB, Ethernet, footswitch and DVI video connections. Transfer data and update your system using easily accessible USB ports.

Keeping it clean is easy

With so few buttons for bacteria to hide behind, keeping SonixTouch clean is a cinch. Just wipe the screen with a soft cloth to reduce the risk of infection.

Optional battery power

You can have up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted power with our optional battery backup system.

Get started quickly

The QSonix button on the SonixTouch console is designed to help you find your way quickly. Just press the button and the system will guide you through four simple steps for optimized scanning.

SonixDVR – record an entire exam in a small file

Unlike traditional cine loops that record short clips, SonixDVR records long videos in high definition directly onto the ultrasound machine. It’s easy to playback, archive and share past exams in the popular MPEG movie format. Learn more.

Wireless access and Barcode reader

No other ultrasound system makes it easier to get patient data into and out of the system. Wireless connectivity means you can record data and ultrasound images onto a central server even when moving the system from patient to patient. Using a bar code reader, simply scan a patient’s wrist band or chart to accurately input patient information.


SonixGPS – breakthrough needle guidance technology

SonixGPS needle tracking system is a true step forward. It lets clinicians accurately predict the needle’s trajectory both in-plane and out-of-plane. SonixGPS promises to reduce procedure time and improve patient care by reducing the pain caused by multiple needle entries.

SonixHub – Credentialing and billing made simple

Reduce the time, costs and paperwork associated with managing a busy ultrasound program or practice. SonixHub streamlines your credentialing, billing and quality assurance processes.

SonixCAM – Record complete procedures

Designed primarily to facilitate training, SonixCAM uses an adjustable HD camera to stream and record high-quality videos of the procedure and the ultrasound image in one digital file directly on the SonixTouch ultrasound machine.

Barcode Reader

Simply scan the code on a patient’s wrist band or chart with our barcode reader to enter patient information.


Provides up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted battery power.

Wireless access

Save images onto a central server even as you move from patient to patient with our wireless module.

USB Footswitch

Choose from a dual or triple footswitch for handsfree operation.

Peripheral tray with DVD

Record hours of ultrasound images and video with a DVD recorder that sits on a peripheral tray.

ECG Module

Our 3-lead ECG module works with standard electrodes.