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nCPAP therapy for preterms and newborns

Respiration therapy for newborns

In Europe, the proportion of preterm infants lies between 5% and 11% and has risen continuously in the past ten years.Premature babies are now the largest group of patients in the neonatal medical care1. By the degree of physical development at birth, and in the course of life, the risk to suffer health problems, including pulmonary diseases,increases significantly2.
Hence, adequate medical care and appropriate respiratory therapy are of great importance during the first weeks and months of life. To prevent chronic lung damage, noninvasive respiration – rather than invasive – methods are preferred. These include, inter alia, nCPAP applications (nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), which are even more gentle for the infant if active respiratory humidification is applied.
With WILAflow, an universal gas supply unit with pressure monitor and its accessories, WILAmed introduces a nasal CPAP ventilation. WILAflow persuades through its effective therapy. The nCPAP system supports spontaneous respiration in infants, without assuming too much own breathing. WILAflow comes in combination with an active nCPAP generator, which keeps the applied nCPAP pressure constant.An efficient and supportive respiratory gas supply is achieved from the first minute of life.
nCPAP therapy with WILAflow provides an efficient solution through:

  • less breathing work
  • gentle and variable CPAP flow
  • firm CPAP lung pressure
  • less RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome)
  • leakage reduction and compensation of “bloated stomach”
  • easy application

Scope of delivery

 REF  Description
 100.750  WILAflow basic unit, 16 lpm flowmeter
 100.757  power supply
 100.755  air supply line, black-white, 250 cm,connections: DISS and DIN
 100.756  oxygen supply line, white, 250 cm,connections: DISS and DIN

Respiratory Humidification

 REF  Description
 100.900  Respiratory Humidifier AIRcon, 230 V (incl.temperature probe, heating-wire adapter (i+e) and power cable)
 100.185  Sterile water WILAqua, 2000 ml bag

Accessories: Patient Circuits

 REF  Description
 270.746  single limb system for AIRcon, heated (i),autofill chamber, nCPAP generator with patient circuit and head gear
 300.660  nCPAP generator with patient circuit
 300.712  nCPAP nasal prongs, size S
 300.713  nCPAP nasal prongs, size M
 300.714  nCPAP nasal prongs, size L
 300.720 – 300.731  nCPAP bonnets with hook-and-loop fastener


 REF  Description
 550.273  deluxe drip stand with canister holder(telescope to 2500 mm)
 300.651  mounting rail for deluxe drip stand

WILAflow – the universal driver with pneumatic blender for non-invasive nCPAP therapy

example graphic


  • LCD-display for simple operation and monitoring
  • self-explanatory real-time parameters(O2 and air pressure)
  • stage-less oxygen adjustment(21 – 100%)
  • nCPAP pressure and oxygen concentration display: analogue and digital


  • extensive display functions
  • monitoring of spontaneous breathing frequency
  • sophisticated alarm functions: pressure loss, high/low oxygen concentration, disconnection


  • FiO2 measurement with integrated O2 cell
  • flowmeter with needle valve up to 16 lpm
  • universal flow outlet connector(15 and 22 mm fittings)


  • wide-ranged accessories
  • battery operation up to 5 hours
  • easy mounting on standard rails and carts

Technical Data


  • Dimensions:  18 cm x 24 cm x 14.5 cm
  • Weight:  2.6 kg (without mounting)


  • Display:  96 mm x 61 mm (b/w) – monochrome

Power supply

  • Supply voltage:  100–240 V AC / 50–60 Hz /400 mA
  • Battery:  9.6 V DC / 1100 mA
  • Battery operation:  5 hours

Gas supply

  • Gas supply – Air:  3.5 – 6 bar
  • Gas supply – Oxygen:  3.5 – 6 bar

Parameters and Hardware

  • CPAP pressure:  0 – 10 cmH20
  • Oxygen concentration:  21 – 100%
  • Mechanical pressure relief valve:  Yes
  • Integrated O2 cell:  OOM 102

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